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Update on Kickstarter Campaign

Hello Kickstarter Friends and Backers, Thank you again for getting our kickstarter project kicked off. I am glad to have so many of my friends, and many new friends as backers. I feel grateful to all who have helped get our project started. Thank you all. Lets get started with some updates: Did you see our […]

Mother’s Day

This Mothers Day I’m thinking about Helen, Maria Crescencia, Doris, Xinia and Margarita – women who have shared their stories with me for my film. Today, these mothers are waiting and praying for the chance to connect with their lost children. I really hope I can help them. Here is a letter given to me […]

A Birth Mother shares Oprah’s mother’s shame and pain

I feel like I just found a goldmine. I came across Lorraine Dusky and Jane Edwards blog, Birth Mother, First Mother. They are powerful voices in the fight for the rights of birth mothers and adoptees. An excerpt from article in USATODAY by Lorraine Dusky of Birth Mother, First Mother: When Oprah Winfrey’s mother was […]