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300,000 babies stolen from their parents

A new documentary from the BBC titled, This World: Spain’s Stolen Babies, tells the story of a 50-year old scandal. Up to 300,000 Spanish babies were stolen from their parents and sold for adoption over a period of five decades, a new investigation reveals.  The children were trafficked by a secret network of doctors, nurses, priests […]

The Survivors Foundation in Guatemala

I will be visiting Costa Rica and Guatemala in a few weeks with plans on completing the final production for this film and I am feeling really nervous about this phase. This time, I will be going alone without a translator and without a production team, but my apprehension mainly comes from the decisions I […]

Ellen Herman’s “Matching and Its Critics in American Adoption”

The author of the book “Matching and Its Critics in American Adoption,” Ellen Herman spoke at the University of Pittsburgh on Sept 29th. Herman is currently a professor of History at the University of Oregon. Thanks to The Daily Bastardette for the the following: From The Daily Bastardette, on Herman’s “Matching and Its Critics in American Adoption”: […]