Update on Kickstarter Campaign

Hello Kickstarter Friends and Backers,

Thank you again for getting our kickstarter project kicked off. I am glad to have so many of my friends, and many new friends as backers.

I feel grateful to all who have helped get our project started. Thank you all. Lets get started with some updates:

  • Did you see our new video? Please take a peak! I thought it would be best for the mothers to speak about their experiences. It’s incredibly moving!!
  • We spoke to one of the mothers in Costa Rica this week, Crescencia. She was overwhelmed to hear from us. She told us that she has been using facebook to search for her daughter. She felt incredibly blessed to have so many people helping her and sends her deepest thanks!
  • We’ve been featured on Channel 7 News in Costa Rica!! The word is getting out!! And we have been getting prositive responses from the media and fans.
  • I have sent out our press release in English and Carolina has been sending them out in Spanish to the main newspapers in Costa Rica, so we can start building awareness about our project,and ultimately help us achieve our mission: Telling the story of Mothers in Costa Rica who deserve a right to tell their side of the adoption story. Our goal is to create an informative, entertaining, and compelling film that will unite families and communities.
  • To move this project forward in Costa Rica we are currently updating the madresimagarias blog with spanish instructions about how to use kickstarter.
  • I am doing a lot of research online about the current state of adoption around the world. I recently found out that forced adoptions are still happening in the U.K! Thankfully, there are activists on the front lines defending the rights of these families and children. Many of these children end up in the sex industry. It’s unbelievably heartbreaking.

I keep getting more and more excited about how this documentary is shaping up! And every day I’m reminded of how important it is to tell this story.

All of you know that by Kickstarter rules, the project, and your generous donations, don’t become a reality unless we get 100% of our goal. Campaigning during a holiday week is not an easy task but we are determined. So I am coming to you again to ask your help in keeping this momentum going. Please help spread the word about the Imaginary Mothers Project.

Every little bit does help. It isn’t just a cliche. Email a friend, share our facebook page, talk to a co-worker.

Check out the poster I have made so you can upload to your social media sites and help spread the word.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime with any comments, suggestions, ideas. I want to hear what you have to say! Thank you again my friends.

Jacqueline Arias, and the Imaginary Mothers Team.

Here is a shorten link for our kickstarter: http://goo.gl/5som6M

Jacqueline Arias

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