Birth Mothers Blogs and Websites

CUBanConcerned United Birth Parents –CUB is a national organization serving those touched by adoption and others who are concerned about adoption issues. Their focus is on birthparents, long the forgotten people of  the adoption community, but they also welcome anyone. Mary Anne Cohen wrote a “short personal history of adoption reform” which is posted on the website and is a good read.

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Motherhood Deleted – Sensible anti-adoption website. Sept 10th entry titled “What anti-adoption means” is a must read. The subtitle of the blog reads: “Senior Mothers Adoption Activism Blogger! As our hair gets grayer, our resolve grows stronger.”




Dian Wellfare – Australian human rights activist who in life fought for mothers and children separated through adoption and to change adoption practices in her country. This website publishes her research and resources for supporting people who have been separated of their loved ones through adoption.



Demons of Adoption Award published by The Pound Pup Legacy, the Demons of Adoption Award voices against adoption propaganda and the self congratulatory practices of the adoption industry. Candidates are nominated and voted on by the public. The deadline to vote for this year’s award is Nov. 9th.


Mothers in Exile is a website from birthmothers point of view in which they can share thoughts and experiences. The page also offers resources and links to other websites that focus in birthmothers.