It’s Always in the Undercurrents

Heather Rainbow on the child trafficking of Haitian children:

Haiti is currently holding 10 American Baptists in their country. These 10 Americans were trafficking 33 children into Santa Domingo, in hopes of having them be adopted, despite the fact that these children had homes and families in Haiti.

When people come to the United States and break the law, Americans will tend to be up and arms, demanding justice. If, say, there was an earthquake in Texas, and a bunch of Chinese people came to “help out” and trafficked 33 children to Mexico in order to get them adopted, you better believe the people of the United States would be pissed.

But Child trafficking has had a terrible history among Americans. Many Christian, Jewish, Mormon and other agencies pose as “adoption” agencies with the intent to misplace children into homes of their own religious affiliation, without care or concern for the child’s culture, race or religion. These agencies are billionaire dollar profiteers, and are not doing it out of generosity, but out of a sense of superiority.

What happens then, is that children are forced to acclimate to the dominant culture, in this case, learn and speak English, and discard their roots and ties to their home country and heritage. When this happens, it is no less than an act of cultural genocide. By destroying a person’s history, by cutting of people from their home, family and identity, their people are killed and destroyed, with only cellular memory and appearance being any hint at any other life. Read more

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