The Latino Adoptee Community

My biological sister shared the on the new site The Latin American Adoptee Community:

Picture 2“At a young age I was always curious about my adoption. Why was I given up for adoption. Who is my mother, father? Do I have other brothers and sisters. Is my mother still alive, does she think of me?

As I grew older this curiosity never left me. In fact I was more confident that the memories I had were real. Which lead me to wanting to learn more.

Searching information was extremely difficult. Leaving me feel empty with so many questions. I wish I would have had a place to go where I could have connected with others and learned what I know now much earlier. All I can think about is…”what if there would have been more avenues out there for me?” I would have had more time with my biological mother before she passed away.

Adoptees need more avenues to connect with others with similar experiences. Imagine an adoption community where people can connect and meet other adoptees, where they could get the help they need in finding their families and most importantly connect with their roots.”

I’ve been working on this website for about a year now and I’m so glad it’s finally live. It’s been in my thoughts for over four years and I hope it does for others what it has done for me, ┬ábecome a way to reach out and connect with other latino adoptees in their area and around the world.

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