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Gracias Mauricio

We also had our first interview yesterday, with the private investigator Mauricio Rojas, who helped me find my family in Costa Rica 11 years ago. (See pictures attached—taken by David Soto Arias). Incredibly, Rojas has helped us find another mother that has lost children to adoption, and we have a meeting with her and her […]

First few weeks in Costa Rica

It has been a week since Sharon arrived in Costa Rica, and we have already made great progress for the production of Imaginary Mothers. We posted flyers throughout San Jose and neighboring Alajuela looking for Latina mothers who have lost children to adoption. As we were posting one flyer, a woman approached us and shared […]


More shooting of my upcoming documentary film, now in production, Imaginary Mothers. Phone call to my adoptive Mother: Entry from my Journal dated May 30th, 2009 “On F train to Manhattan to print final version of my proposal for Latino Public Broadcasting Grant. I missed my birth mother for the first time. And I regret […]

Ross County Fair

I wrote a letter to Heidi Bub, the woman featured in Daughter from Danang while I was in New York. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her since I arrived in Ohio. I was really troubled by the way she was depicted by the directors and producers of the film. It’s because of this […]

I Deserve To Know

Bryan Thao Worra said: “For transcultural adoptees, our lives are written in pencil. Everything you think you know about yourself can change in an instant.” As I listen to audio of my natural mother in Costa Rica from two years ago, [that I recently had transcribed and translated for me], I feel more and more […]

Adopted Life

[youtube=] This short video is an excerpt from my documentary feature film “Imaginary Mothers,” which is now in production. Since I’ve begun this documentary I’ve come across amazing blogs and websites that speak for adoptees and natural parents. I found the Adopted Life Website particularly moving, not necessarily for the statements made by the authors, […]


  excerpt from poem by Julia Chinyere Oparah This red earth claims me runs through my veins calling me to surrender a lifetime of unbelonging.   Sinking to my knees in my father’s compound, I feel the dark coiled roots of unspoken bitterness Loosen their grip on sinew and bone Releasing my ribcage. I take […]