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Costa Rica Production & Updates

It’s so good to be back in Costa Rica. It feels more and more like home to me. I can’t believe we’ve been here for four days already. We arrived Saturday evening and after a brief reunion with my family on Saturday night, we woke up bright and early Sunday and traveled to Cartago to […]


[slideshow] Velvet’s behind-the-scene shots. I’m learning many new Spanish phrases in Costa Rica. “Que dicha” is one of them,  which means bliss/happiness. This is how I would describe my new friend and recent partner for this project, Velvet Salas. Without her help with translation and camera work, I would be stumbling through these interviews. I met […]


[slideshow] These photographs were taken by my sister, Mayela. I particularly like the composition of the tripod legs shot. I think she might be a natural. Mayela is also helping me with translations, production details and our interview schedule. She’s also making my life so much easier during my stay here. She is my biological […]

Buenas from Costa Rica!

Buenas from Costa Rica! It’s so good to be back here. Every time I visit, I feel more and more at home and closer to my family. And let me tell you, I’m so happy to be out of cold, gray New York. It’s 72 and sunny right now. Expected to go to 94! We […]

New Trailer for film

Hellen Xiomara and Crescencia Castro are two of the twelve mothers we interviewed in Costa Rica last year. They were forced to relinquish their children for adoption. Please support the continuing production of this film by donating at [vimeo]

Photos from our last shoot in Costa Rica

These photos were taken by Velvet Salas a wonderful actor and a great mom of child actor Gala! What an ambitious day! Thanks for all your help. It was a perfect way to end our work in Costa Rica. I can’t wait to see you all again. [slideshow]

Our final days in Costa Rica

We’re going into the final week of shooting in Costa Rica! It has been quite an adventure. I am amazed by all we’ve done so far. Since we arrived here in January, we have interviewed twelve mothers who have lost their children; began a partnership with a non profit women’s organization, Alliance for Women; started […]

The Arroyo Family

When I first started working on this documentary, my hopes were to give birth mothers an opportunity to share their story. I didn’t fully understand that I might actually be a part of reuniting families separated by international adoption. The experience of seeing a family come together has been overwhelming. Below is Cristina’s experience, the […]