These photographs were taken by my sister, Mayela. I particularly like the composition of the tripod legs shot. I think she might be a natural. :)

Mayela is also helping me with translations, production details and our interview schedule. She’s also making my life so much easier during my stay here. She is my biological sister. Her perspective on our adoption circumstances is becoming a key part of this film and really the inspiration behind my interest in doing it in the first place. When we were reunited I was touched by how much she worried after us. She never stopped looking for us. She went through many emotions over the years: blaming herself, feeling shame for the family, feeling anger towards PANI (social services in Costa Rica) and feeling a deep loss.

The pain of adoption affects more than mothers and adopted persons. It also effects the siblings of the birth mothers and the extended family. Mayela searched for years for us. Once she found us she applied five times for her visa in order to visit us in the U.S. That’s $150 a pop. No small fee for Costa Rica. She has never asked me for anything other than to accept her love and the love of her family. Gracias, Mayela. Thank you for rounding out the edges of our renegade crew with your sweet spirit.

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  1. janet

    Wonderful – I’m so glad you and your sister are reunited!

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