Velvet’s behind-the-scene shots.

I’m learning many new Spanish phrases in Costa Rica. “Que dicha” is one of them, ¬†which means bliss/happiness. This is how I would describe my new friend and recent partner for this project, Velvet Salas.¬†Without her help with translation and camera work, I would be stumbling through these interviews.

I met Velvet last year when she auditioned for one of our reenactments. She had a powerful presence and we fell in love with her immediately. She offered to help with makeup and wardrobe and she eventually recruited her daughter, Gala, as a child actor for another one of our scenes.

We’ve been in touch over the last year via Facebook and she has remained a constant supporter from afar. When I was looking around for someone to help for this phase of production, she volunteered without hesitation.

I am enamored of her boldness and enthusiasm about the entire process. Her empathy and experience as a mother has brought a new depth to the interview process; and her insight into Costa Rican culture has helped me through the networking, scheduling and shooting process. I have asked her to operate the video camera and keep track of sound, all while
translating interviews! I can’t believe I’ve asked so much of her. Thank you Velvet. I owe you! Que dicha!

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