Our final days in Costa Rica

We’re going into the final week of shooting in Costa Rica! It has been quite an adventure. I am amazed by all we’ve done so far. Since we arrived here in January, we have interviewed twelve mothers who have lost their children; began a partnership with a non profit women’s organization, Alliance for Women; started a transcultural media literacy project between a middle school in Brooklyn and a school in Costa Rica; hired a private investigator to find the missing children of mothers whom we’ve interviewed; and most importantly, we have brought together two families separated by adoption. It has been a truly overwhelming experience—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

In the midst of all of these wonderful achievements we have also had an unfortunate set back – my computer was stolen last week, as well as two hard drives containing video footage. Fortunately, we backed up all of our interviews so we didn’t lose any valuable material. However, this leaves me with nothing on which to edit the movie together when I get back to New York. It’s been really upsetting for both Sharon and me, but we are not going to let it keep us from completing our goals during our last few days here, as we shoot reenactments of the stories told to us by Costa Rican mothers. All of this work as been a great privilege to be involved with, and we are proud to be a part of these women’s lives.

Oh, and a big “thank you!” to everyone who has been so supportive throughout these months, both emotionally, creatively, and financially. As much as I hate to ask for additional funding from everyone, we still have quite a ways to go before this project is fully funded. This has become even truer due to the recent theft of our equipment.

I ask that you please contribute anything you can and help us complete this important project. And if you have a mother or friend who you think might be interested in this project, please share our important work with them, too.

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