Costa Rica Production & Updates

It’s so good to be back in Costa Rica. It feels more and more like home to me.

DSC_0048I can’t believe we’ve been here for four days already. We arrived Saturday evening and after a brief reunion with my family on Saturday night, we woke up bright and early Sunday and traveled to Cartago to see the Basilica de Los Angeles. The Basilica de Los Angeles is the home of La Negrita the patron saint of Costa Rica and the place my birth mother, Angela, longed to visit so she could pay respects to the saint that fulfilled miracles and reunited our family.

DSC_0060I’m thrilled to be working with Erik Dettle, my new director of photography and a super talented cinematographer. He has directed and shot ┬áseveral award-winning documentaries such as Mahout and Wastrel. He brings a lot of creative energy and zeal to this film, I’m so happy to be working with him.

Thank you, to all of our faithful supporters. We can’t wait to get this film in your hands.

Peace and Happiness,












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