Ross County Fair

I wrote a letter to Heidi Bub, the woman featured in Daughter from Danang while I was in New York. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her since I arrived in Ohio. I was really troubled by the way she was depicted by the directors and producers of the film. It’s because of this kind of insensitivity and exploitation that I’ve never allowed someone else to tell my story. I believe there is more to her than what the film portrays and I understand the isolation and guilt she must feel. I am familiar with the unrealistic set of emotions and behaviors expected from adoptees. Intense moments such as these should not be so harshly judged. I hope as we move towards a new understanding and perspective on adoption, these types of reunions will be addressed with more sensitivity. Thank you Ethnically Incorrect Daughter for your insight on the movie.

I’ve been shooting for the documentary in Ohio for almost two and half months now. Here’s something from the Ross County Fair:


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